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Your eight year old comes home from school, throws the school bag and heads straight for the Iphone to watch videos on YouTube Everything has been forgotten about the math and spelling exercises that had to be done for homework. Then the inevitable drama to drag them away. Lego cartoons are much more fun after all.

abc123 has been made by a parent to solve this exact problem: How to get the kids to do their homework and how do we make it more exiting?
product abc123 is an application for Iphone which works as an extra login til YouTube. You can, as a parent, choose spelling and math exercises of your choice. Y then use photos taken on your phone or which has been downloaded to be part of the exercises. You can for example take a photo of the Childs brother, mother, dog etc and the child will have to use letters to drag down to spell "brother" and so on. The parent can choose how many exercises the child should solve before being rewarded with being logged in to a list of chosen YouTube films.When the child has seen the small film clip it moves on to a new set of exercises.